Our expertise

We have decades of expertise building highly scalable, fault-tolerant and secure software solutions. Now we combine this experience with the latest cloud technologies available to deliver the same, but with the significantly lower cost of the ownership and pay-as-you-go model.


Who are our customers

We can help you if you:
- have an existing project that needs to be updated or improved;
- need to make a proof of concept of your idea;
- need to create a minimal viable product (MVP) of your project;
- need to launch your full version and full-featured product after collecting feedback from your users.

- need to extend the capacity of your team


Our technologies

We work with Python, Java, .Net,  Golang, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, React, Vuejs, Docker, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Kafka, AWS.

Our works

Enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for pharma financials (NDA).

ERP for pharma companies was created to improve operational processes like providing insights, reconciliation of payments, managing discounts, pricing, rebates, refunds, chargebacks. 

Cloud-based service with micro-service architecture. All micro-services were written in Python, Flask, Sanic frameworks at backend side and Angular 6 as a frontend part.

6 backend developers, 6 frontend developers, 4 QC engineers, 1 UI/UX designer, 1 business analyst, one project manager were involved in the project.

Our system architect thoroughly designed the system to meet all functional and non-functional requirements of the system so that on one hand the system can scale to cope the load spike and on another hand when activity is low all redundant servers will be shut down in order to optimize costs. 

Monitoring and the alerting system were applied to inform about any abnormal activity. 

Business analyst and UI/UX designer studied all user stories very carefully and designed very convenient for users interface. 


Aircraft management system

The main functionality for the project was:

  • store information about airports, aircraft, passengers, staff
  • manage all financial flows between plane owners, pilots, maintenance companies, insurance companies, airports, passengers
  • booking charters
  • generating different reports
  • real-time map for tracking aircraft

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